Native mobile applications for Mac, Windows, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

Access your fileserver securely from any mobile device anywhere in the world. Browse and navigate your files and folders, and search by filename for quick access. Create favorites so that your frequent files are always cached locally, for access even when the Internet is unavailable.

Upload high definition multi-gigabyte 4K videos or simple small document scans. No file size limitation.

Print files directly from inside of the app and comment in real-time to share information with other collaborators.

Files can be directly opened in the app or with any 3rd party application including Microsoft Office, PDF, Images, Autocad or any file type that has a compatible mobile application.














Share files and folders instantly from mobile devices with multiple layers of security including link password protection, file expiration, and file watermarking.

File links can be sent via email, text message, Whatsapp or any other messaging platform.

A second private sharing method emails a user an invitation to collaborate on a private folder, where you can assign them read-only or read-write permission to a file share. Invitees will be sent a link to register to your application, where they will create a password-protected account. Then the user can download the mobile apps and gain secure access limited to just the folder for which they were invited. This is a great way to securely replace FTP sites or VPN tunnels while giving the guest user constant access to receive any updates made to the shared folder.













Background Sync Client for Windows and MacOS keeps local device’s filesystem synchronized with your central file share. Select which folders you want to keep in sync on your local device, and changes are detected and made in real time across all of your PCs and mobile devices.

All file transfers are TLS 1.2+ encrypted for maximum protection over wired and wireless networks to meet NIST and HIPAA guidance.








Empower your field force with peace-of-mind

Add watermarks that embed downloading user’s IP address, timestamp and custom message automatically to important images and PDFs as an additional layer of security. Track downloads by user and IP address for centralized auditing.

Allow remote workers to upload field reports, high definition videos, and audio recordings securely and privately from iPads, Android Tablets or via any web browser.



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