Put simply, Olympus.io is a specialized web server that connects to a Linux or Windows filesystem and creates a secure, encrypted API for it. Mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones can then call this API where files can be browsed, shared and downloaded on demand. Traditionally users can only browse a filesystem when on the same network as the file server or when using a VPN. But with the explosion in remote working, companies are now looking to give mobile workers any-device access to their work securely.

There are numerous enterprise file sync-and-share services like Dropbox.com. While these companies serve an important purpose, you are giving them possession of your data. Some data is too large or too sensitive to be given to these third party services. With Olympus.io you can store your files securely in the location of your choosing without ever giving away your data. This keeps data under your control, stored in the geographic location of your choice. With olympus.io there is no subscription fee to store your data, and even if you stop using the Olympus.io app your data always remains with you.

Our customers range from engineering and construction firms, to software companies to theme park operators. They all have one thing in common: they have a lot of data they want to share to mobile users, but do not want to have to copy this data into a third party like Dropbox or Box.com. Without Olympus.io, they would have to constantly sync data from their corporate servers to these SaaS companies and then re-sync the changed data back on a daily basis costing them thousands of dollars per month. With olympus.io they eliminate ever having to copy data off of their file servers. This improves efficiency and worker productivity because the version on the file server will always be the version immediately used by the field personnel

The simplest way is to sign-up for a Free Trial on our demonstration server. Click on the “Free Trial” link above. It will create a private account on our secure cloud server. You can experiment with uploading and downloading files, using the mobile device apps, and sharing files with private links. If you are satisfied with the free trial, then contact us for a link to download the application. Then you can install the virtual machine and connect to your existing file servers and have remote mobile access setup in an afternoon. More technical detail can be found in the Technical questions section.

Olympus.io is free for 10 or fewer users. For more than 10 users there is a flat annual fee per user per year. This is spelled-out in the Pricing section of the menu above.

Yes. Olympus.io supports an OEM model where the customer can purchase a source-code license to customize and modify the application server and associated mobile apps to meet their needs. This can be useful for ISVs, system integrators and companies looking to integrate private file services into their application

No. Absolutely not. There is no way for Olympus.io administrators, employees or affiliates to access your files. You control all access to your own virtual appliance

Not a problem. Just shut-down your virtual machine running the Olympus.io application. All of your files stay intact!

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