No. does not store your files. Your files are kept on the file server of your choosing. This can be an existing file server, a Windows Server virtual machine, or it can be a cloud server such as NetApp Cloud Volumes available in AWS, Google and Azure.

Versioning is maintained by the underlying filesystem. For instance if you take snapshots of your data with the Windows snapshot feature, to restore an earlier version of your data you would continue using the Windows feature. The application does not change your existing file versioning and snapshot policies.

Backups are handled by the underlying file system or with cloud-based backup technology such as NetApp Cloud Backup Service.

Deduplication, compression compaction and encryption are all handled at the filesystem level. The application itself does not do any pre-processing to ensure consistency with whatever filesystem you are already using

You can mount up to 100 different mount-points per instance. A mountpoint could be the root mountpoint of the filer, or you could mount a specific volume such as your home or pojects directory. You can mount multiple individual filers and enable them to be accessed from a single mobile application. The choice is up to you. The only restriction is that they be in a single Active Directory domain

Yes. the administrator can audit file activity and see which remote user has accessed which files.

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