Connect to any Windows file share, on-prem or in the cloud, and securely share files without requiring a VPN. Mount as many file shares as needed and securely share them from a single control point to users across the world to their mobile device.

The server connects into your existing Active Directory forest for plug-and-play single sign-on support. Active Directory passwords are never stored. Just point the server at your existing Active Directory controller and users can log-into their file shares remotely without having to enroll in a separate system. All Windows file permissions and access control lists are retained in the mobile environment. Remote users will only have access to the files and folders for which they have been given permission by the domain administrator.

Invite guest users from external domains to shared file folders so they can view, download or upload files as needed. Monitor all guest user activity in real-time for auditing purposes. Eliminate the need for separate FTP servers or 3rd party file transfer services.

Dynamically adjust or revoke folder permissions as guest user collaborators enter and leave projects for maximum security and flexibility.

Watermark files before downloading so that images and pdfs downloaded remotely are stamped with end-user IP address and time.

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