Installation guide

Installation guide information

Script based deployment: This deployment process works on any environment by following the given steps:

  • Install docker on hyperscaler or on-prem server – VMware, Physical or virtual. (refer to the official docker installation guide-
  • Once docker is installed on the machine.
  • Using AWS CLI the script will be pulled.
  • Once the installer script is downloaded from s3 then it should automatically run it.
  • The installer script should pull the latest image of the Olympus and complete the installation.

Image based deployment: We will create machine images (Linux ubuntu Image) that can be used on hyperscalers like AWS and Google cloud and Azure.

  • Create an EC2 machine in AWS or Compute engine in Google cloud using the predefined image we created that contains an operational instance of the
  • Select configuration (RAM, Storage) and boot the machine. To confirm Ram selection is of ec2 during instance set up only?

Once the machine boots for the first time we will check for the latest Olympus image on docker and if the latest image is available it will be pulled automatically to ensure the latest image is used.

Users will find an IP address and map that IP address with their custom domain. Open the domain url in the browser and user default credentials for super admin as:
Email :
Password : Olympus@2021


  • Login using the super admin credentials.
  • Find the license setting in the side menu.
  • Input the license key purchased.
  • Validate the license key and its details.
  • Once validated find AD/LDAp settings in the side menu.
  • Find SSl settings in the side menu and Input SSl details (in case of custom domain)
  • Fill out the AD details, credentials now hit the test connection button.
  • If details are correct the connection will be successful.
  • After the AD connection find SMB settings in the side menu.
  • Fill the details like shared directory path, credentials, access type (full, ad permissions), Select uploading preferences, select sharing preferences, Mount the smb.
  • Once mounted click the ‘index’ button to start indexing the files/folders on smb filer.

SSL Setup for custom Domain only On this step users will have the option to drop the PFX file or by providing the SSL Certificate, Intermediate certificates or CA bundle, Private key.
After providing the details, the user will click the ‘submit’ button.(Background task- we will check the SSL details provided for that domain).
Once SSL is configured validated, users will get a success message to open the url with https protocol to use the Olympus Application.

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